Adjusting Crossfades Between Clips

Adjusting the crossfades between clips is important to avoid clicks at the junction points. WaveLab Pro analyzes the waveforms to automatically find the best crossfade offsets.


  1. In the montage window, on a track, align the two clips that you want next to each other.
  2. Select the clip that is located on the right.
  3. Select Tool Windows > Wave Matching.

    This shows a close-up of the two clips.

  4. In the Wave Matching window, set the zoom factor using the icons above the zoom view, or select a zoom factor from the Menu.

    If you activate Menu > Automatic Level Zooming, the waveforms are automatically zoomed vertically to fill out the zoom view.

  5. If necessary, move or resize the clip located on the right in the zoom view.
  6. Set the search range using the icons above the zoom view, or select a search range from the Menu.
  7. Decide whether you want to move the right clip to the left or to the right.
    • To move the clip to the left, select Menu > Move to Left (Match Waveform).

    • To move the clip to the right, select Menu > Move to Right (Match Waveform). This is useful if the two clips are already overlapping.


WaveLab Pro scans the audio to the left of the splice point and moves the clip on the right to the position which provides the best possible phase match, to avoid harmonic cancellation. When the clip on the right is moved over the clip on the left, a short crossfade is automatically created.