Signal Path in the Audio Montage

The audio signal passes through the various sections of WaveLab Pro in a certain way.

  1. The audio samples are read.

  2. Clip envelope (unless post-effects mode is active)

  3. Clip effects

  4. Clip envelope (if post-effects mode is active)

  5. Clip pan

  6. Individual clip gain (Clips window)

  7. Clips are mixed into the track slot (for example, overlapping clips).

  8. Track effects

  9. Track level settings

  10. Each track is mixed into a bus that has as many channels as defined by the audio properties of the audio montage (between 1 to 8).

  11. The audio channels are processed through the plug-ins of the master output.

  12. The channels are sent to the Master Section input.

Signal Path in the Master Section

  1. Channels/Sample rate can change at each plug-in slot.

  2. Master Section meters

  3. Final Effects/Dithering pane in the Master Section

  4. Playback Processing pane

  5. Independent meters

  6. Speaker gain for playback

  7. Playback or file format rendering