Audio Montage Backups

The audio montage backup mechanism allows you to maintain previous versions of saved audio montages and to automatically save audio montages.

Whenever you save an audio montage, the previously saved version is copied to the subfolder Backup.mon which is located in the same folder as the audio montage file. This backup folder is automatically created by WaveLab Pro. The backup files are named “Montage_#X”, where “Montage” is the name of the audio montage and “X” is a number.

You can specify how many previous versions you want to keep (maximum 1000). Once the specified number of backups is reached, the oldest file is overwritten each time that the audio montage is backed up.


The numbers in the backup file names are not related to the age of the backup files. Instead, you must check the dates of the files to know which backup is the most recent.

Unsaved and untitled audio montages are also backed up. The backup files for untitled audio montages are saved in the temporary folder, and use a number as name, so that the files are called “Y_#X”, where “Y” is a number identifying the audio montage, and “X” is the number of the backup file.