Effects for Tracks, Track Groups, Clips, and the Montage Output

You can add VST effect plug-ins to individual clips, tracks, track groups, or the output of an audio montage. Clip effects affect individual clips only, track effects affect all clips on a track, track group effects affect all tracks of the track group, and the montage output affects the whole audio montage.

VST 2 and VST 3 plug-ins can be used in the audio montage. Each clip, track, track group, and the montage output can be independently processed by up to 16 VST effect plug-ins.

Effects are configured as follows:

  • As inserts, where the entire audio is processed by the effects.

  • As send effects (split mode), where the balance between the unprocessed sound and the effect send level can be controlled by effect envelope curves (clip effects and specific VST 2 plug-ins only).

An icon in front of a clip name indicates that effects are applied to a clip.

Hovering over a clip name shows the effects that are used for the clip.

  • Only clip effects for clips that are active at the current playback position consume CPU power. Track and montage output effects are always active.

  • The first time that you play an audio montage after is has been opened or copied, the program has to load all effects into memory. If you have many effects, this can result in a short silence before the playback starts.

  • Effects that are used for tracks must support stereo audio, even if the audio track is mono.