Reference Track

The reference track allows you to compare your mix to a reference audio file or input signal without latency.

You can use the reference track for the following:

  • Comparing different masters

  • A/B comparison of a mix with up to 3 reference tracks with zero latency via WaveLab Pro or hardware monitor controllers

  • Comparing the non-mastered version of your audio file with the mastered version

  • Comparing your mix with an external gear mix

  • Comparing your mix with a different song

  • Recording the output of a reference track to another montage track while using external gear

You can route the reference track to different buses. Reference tracks are always stereo tracks.

There is no delay when you switch between reference tracks. Even if you use plug-ins with latency.


Use key commands to quickly switch between reference tracks.

  • To toggle the selected reference track on/off, press O.

  • To switch between multiple reference tracks, click Num 1, Num 2, or Num 3, and then N.

Reference tracks are for comparing audio rather than editing audio. For example, clips on reference tracks are not affected by the Global Ripple option. The CD Wizard does not take reference tracks into account. The Loudness Meta Normalizer only takes clips on reference tracks into account if Listen Alone is activated for the reference track. In this case, only the clips on the reference track are taken into account.