Multichannel Operations in the Audio Montage

You can open multichannel audio files in audio montages. Each track of the multichannel audio file is organized in channel clusters. A channel cluster is a logical group of channels. It is always one channel or a channel pair.

You can add plug-ins to individual channel clusters.

The channel layout of the audio montage must be compatible with the channels of the multichannel file. For example, you can open a 5.1 audio file or a stereo file in a 5.1 or 7.1 audio montage channel layout. But you cannot open a 5.1 audio file in a stereo audio montage channel layout.

To be able to use WaveLab Pro for multichannel audio files, you need an audio card/interface with multiple inputs and outputs. You must also set up an ASIO driver in the Audio Connections tab and specify how the internal input/output channels are connected to your audio card.