Mixing Down – The Render Function

The Render function allows you to mix down the whole audio montage or sections of it to a single audio file or to several files in case of a multichannel audio montage. It also allows you to render to an audio CD, to a CD image and cue sheet, or to a new audio montage.

A mixdown is necessary to produce an audio file from the audio montage. The Render function can be used for the following purposes:

  • Write a CD from a CPU-intensive audio montage, because it allows you to first render all track and clip effect processing to recreate a new audio montage and then write the CD in a second pass.

  • Render audio files, audio montages, or marker regions in audio montages to multiple file formats at the same time.

  • Render surround channels as multiple files while retaining the stereo/mono status of the individual surround channels.

  • Create a CD image and cue sheet.

  • Render audio montages to a single file or render various parts of a montage to multiple audio files in one operation. For example, you can render regions, groups, clips, or CD tracks.