Rendering in the Master Section

By rendering the effects using the Render function in the Master Section, they become a permanent part of a file. So instead of performing all processing in real time during playback, you can save the audio output to a file on disk.

You can render to a single file format or to multiple audio file formats.

Writing the output of the Master Section to a file on disk allows you to apply Master Section processing to an audio file, or mix down an audio montage to an audio file. In case of a multichannel audio montage, several files can be created, one for each channel in the selected configuration.

There are several uses for rendering:

  • Mix down a complete audio montage to an audio file.

  • Process a file and save a file to a new audio file, including Master Section effects, dithering, and other settings. You can choose the format of the new audio file, which allows you to create an MP3 file and add effects at the same time, for example.

  • Process one or more regions of an audio file in place or to new files.

Multiple File Format Rendering

You can render to multiple audio file formats simultaneously. To do so, you must first create file format presets for these formats.

You can also create multiple audio file format presets. These are a list of single file format presets.