WaveLab Pro Introduction

Thank you for purchasing WaveLab Pro and embracing the true art of mastering. Welcome not only to the number one choice for mastering professionals, but also to a community of users who are true masters of their craft.

For over 25 years, WaveLab Pro has been the go-to choice for audio mastering, analysis, editing, restoration, batch conversion, and authoring.

Used by high-end studios, producers, broadcasters, sound designers, musicians, audio archives, and security and safety services alike, WaveLab’s comprehensive suite of audio processing tools, its ability to host third-party plug-ins, and extended external effects support make it by far the best-equipped single solution for a wide array of audio tasks. Yet, the technology never gets in the way of your workflow: With its clear, highly customizable and easy-to-follow user interface, it is the perfect fit for your preferred way of working, and flexible batch processing ensures that it is always quick and intuitive to use.

Carefully crafted by experienced software engineers and developed in close collaboration with users, WaveLab’s remarkable array of user-friendly features and outstanding quality audio engine help you to deliver exceptional results every time.

We look forward to seeing WaveLab Pro play a major part in helping you produce the very best audio and making the process more intuitive and productive than ever before.

Have fun!

Your WaveLab Team