Audio Montage

The audio montage is a multichannel and multitrack non-destructive editing environment that allows you to arrange, edit, play back, and record audio clips.

Non-destructive means that when you delete or change a part of an audio file, the audio is not deleted or permanently changed. Instead, a set of pointers keeps track of all the edits, so that these can be readily reversed.

The non-destructive editing functions include both track- and clip-based effects, volume and pan automation, as well as wide-ranging fade and crossfade functions. The multichannel support makes it possible to create surround mixes that can be written to DVD-Audio compatible discs.

The audio montage is a great tool for audio CD or DVD-Audio creation, mastering, multimedia work, radio spot production, etc.

Basic Terminology

Audio montages can contain an unlimited number of stereo tracks, mono tracks, and picture tracks, 3 reference tracks, and a video track. You can use them to structure your work graphically or logically. Depending on the channel configuration of the audio montage, you can route each track to a stereo output or route each track to different surround channels or non-surround audio channels.

On an audio track, you can place any number of clips. Clips are containers for the audio, and include a number of settings and functions such as volume and pan curves, fades, etc.

A clip contains a reference to a source audio file on your hard disk, as well as start and end positions in the file, which means that clips can play back sections of the source audio files. Any number of clips can reference the same source file.

In addition to audio tracks, you can create DVD-Audio picture tracks in the audio montage.