Audio Montage Duplicates

You can duplicate audio montages in various ways. This allows you to quickly create new audio montages using the same properties and audio files as previously created audio montages.

The following variants of audio montage duplicates are available:

Empty (With Same Properties)

Creates a new audio montage with the channel settings and sample rate of the original audio montage, without any clips.

Exact Duplicate (Using the Same Audio Files)

Creates an exact duplicate of the original audio montage and lets the new clips reference to the original audio files. The duplicated audio montage uses the channel settings and sample rate of the original audio montage.

This is useful if you want to create several versions of the audio montage, for example, to experiment with variations. However, any processing or editing that you apply to the actual audio files are reflected in all audio montages.

You can also press Ctrl/Cmd, drag a tab, and drop it on the tab bar to create an exact duplicate of an audio montage.

Customized Duplicate

Allows you to specify which parts of the audio montage to include in the duplicate of this audio montage.

Duplicate (Recreate Audio Files)

Allows you to copy the audio montage together with its audio files to create a new self-contained audio montage. There are several uses for complete cloning:

  • Edit and process the audio files without affecting other audio montages.

  • Create different versions of the audio montage that focus on specific aspects of the audio montage by removing any unused audio sections.

  • Split audio files and give them specific names.

  • Reduce the size of an audio montage project by only using the needed audio material.


Duplicate (Recreate Audio Files) does not render effects to files.