Error Correction

You can search for unwanted clicks and digital artifacts in an audio file. The detection and correction methods allow you to detect, mark and name, jump to, play back, and remove individual audio errors. The Correction tab in the Audio Editor gives you access to the error detection and correction tools.

You have multiple options to detect errors automatically. Experiment with the settings to find the best parameters to detect errors in your files. Because errors can have multiple origins and effects, you can choose between the Short Resynthesis and the Inpainting algorithms to find the best algorithm for correcting the errors in your audio files.


The error detection and correction functionality in WaveLab Pro is intended to detect and correct sparse errors in audio files. For audio files that contain many clicks, such as old vinyls, we recommend to use a DeClicker plug-in. For example, the DeClicker module in the RestoreRig plug-in.