Applying Plug-in Chain Presets to Tracks, Track Groups, Clips, or the Montage Output

You can save the plug-in chain of a track, a clip, or the montage output as a preset and apply it to other clips or tracks, or to the montage output of another audio montage. Plug-in chain presets contain the settings you have made in the Montage Effects pane, Clean pane, and Enhance pane.


  1. Open an audio montage.
  2. In the Inspector window, set up your plug-in chain.
  3. In the Montage Effects pane, click Save Plug-in Chain.
  4. Enter a name and the file location for the effect chain, and click Save.
  5. Select the track, track group, clip, or montage output to which you want to apply the effect chain.
  6. In the Effects pane, click Load Plug-in Chain.
  7. Select a plug-in chain, and click Open.