Crossfading with Fade Constrained Overlaps

Crossfading with fade constrained overlaps allows you to keep the fade settings of a clip while crossfading with another clip. For example, you have created a fade in for a clip and now want to crossfade the clip with the previous clip. If Fade In Constrains Overlaps is activated and you move the right clip to the left clip, the fade in shape of the clip to the right remains the same and defines the fade out shape of the clip to the left.


To use fade in/fade out constrained overlaps, there must be a defined (not set to zero) fade in/fade out in the overlap. Otherwise, Free Overlaps is activated for that crossfade.

The following description applies to fade in constrained overlaps and fade out constrained overlaps. For the latter, however, the defined fade out length constrains the overlap, and accordingly, the left edge of the right clip is adjusted.


  1. Open an audio montage and select the Fade tab.
  2. In the Options section, open the Overlaps pop-up menu.
  3. Activate Fade In Constrains Overlaps.
  4. On a track that contains several clips, create a fade in curve in a clip.
  5. Drag the clip to the left so that it overlaps another clip, past the right clip edge.

    A crossfade is created in the overlap.

  6. Continue dragging the clip, so that the fade in point of the dragged clip overlaps the right edge of the left clip.
  7. Drag the clip to the right again.

    The resized clip is gradually uncovered. The original clip length is memorized, so you can later restore the resized clips.

  8. Separate the two clips again without creating an overlap so that they return to the original left/right position relative to each other.
  9. Drag the left clip to the right so that it overlaps the other clip, and continue dragging to the right.

    The right edge of the left clip is progressively resized as you drag the clip further to the right.

    Fade constrained overlaps can also be used with the options Allow Multiple Automatic Crossfades and Automatic Crossfades with Clips on Active Track.