Crossfades Between Clips

The Wave Matching window shows a magnified view of the beginning of the selected clip and allows you to adjust the crossfade point for two adjacent clips.

The main purpose of this is to help you splice two consecutive clips together. The zoom view displays the end of the left clip and the start of the right clip. This type of splicing is achieved by applying short crossfades.

There are two main types of crossfades:

Artistic crossfades

For example, if you want to crossfade two songs to make a nice transition. Usually, these types of crossfades are quite long and can easily be created from the audio montage window.

Patch crossfades

For example, if you want to replace a section of audio, without audible discontinuity in the resulting audio. In this case, short crossfades should be used. These crossfades are best created in the Wave Matching window.