Envelope Tab (Audio Montage)

  • In the Audio Montage, click Envelope.


Envelope Type

Sets the type of the envelope. Depending on the selected type, different options are available. The following options are available:

  • Hide All hides all envelopes.

  • Volume/Fades only displays the volume/fades envelope.

  • As Inspector displays the envelopes that you have selected in the Automation/Envelope pane in the Inspector window.


Zoom to Envelope Range

Adjusts the view to display the active envelope of the active clip.


Reset All

Resets the envelope to its neutral form.

Reset to 0 dB

Replaces the segments between the fade in and fade out points with a single neutral segment.


Opens the Ducking Settings dialog. This dialog allows you to create ducking effects between clips on two adjacent tracks where the level or send effect of one clip is modified every time that clips are present on the other track.

Mute Selection

Adds level envelope points and draws a curve to mute the selection by lowering the level to zero with default 20 ms fall and rise times.

Raise Selection

Adds level envelope points and draws a curve to raise the audio level of the selection with 20 ms fall and rise times. You can drag the created segment up and down to adjust the level.

Clip Options

Hide Curve Points

Hides the envelope curve points. This way, they cannot be edited with the mouse. However, you can drag the whole curve up or down.

Lock Mouse Editing

If this option is activated, all envelopes are locked and cannot be edited with the mouse. The envelopes and their points are still displayed.

Envelope after Effects

Places the level/fade envelope after the clip effect section. This is useful if you are using dynamic processors that alter the level of the clip.


Smoothes the resulting envelope curve angles. This produces more natural envelope curves.



Copies the envelope shape into a dedicated clipboard while excluding any fade part.


Replaces the current envelope shape with the one on the clipboard without altering any fade part.

  • Convert to Stereo creates independent envelopes for the left and right channels.

  • Convert to Mono combines the envelopes of the left and right channels into a single envelope.

Selected Points


Deletes the selected envelope points in the active clip.


Deselects the selected envelope points in the active clip.


Resets the selected points in the active clip to their default level.



This pop-up menu allows you to save and restore envelope presets.