Analyze Tab (Audio Montage)

The Analyze tab provides you with tools for monitoring your audio.

  • In the Audio Montage, click Analyze.



This is the standard metering mode, in which the meters reflect the audio that is played back. Metering occurs after the Master Section, which means that effects, dithering, and master faders are taken into account. You can monitor playback in audio files, audio montages, audio CD track lists, etc.

Audio Input

In this mode, the meters reflect the audio input. Typically, this is the mode to use when recording. The Master Section settings are not taken into account. This option is only available when the Recording dialog is open.

File Rendering

In this mode, you can monitor what is being written to disk during file rendering or recording. Average and min/max peak values are calculated. After rendering, the meters freeze until you refresh or change the monitor mode.

Freeze Meters

This mode freezes the values for all open meters. The meters remain frozen until you select another monitor mode or deactivate Freeze Meters.

Floating Meters


Shows/Hides floating meters.