Editing running headers in page templates

The Default Part page template set shows the part name at the top left of the first pages in flows, and shows the part name centered at the top of subsequent pages as a running header. You can change the text shown in running headers; for example, if you want to include the flow title in part running headers, or remove the flow title from full score running headers.


The right zone is shown.


  1. In Engrave mode, open a layout in the music area that uses the page template set containing the page template whose running header you want to edit.

    You can also select the page template set from the Current set menu in the Page Templates section of the Pages panel when any layout is open in the music area; however, this changes the page template set applied to the layout.

  2. In the Page Templates section of the Pages panel, double-click the page template whose running header text you want to change to open the page template editor.
  3. Double-click the header text frame to open the text editor.
  4. Change or delete the header text.

    For example, to show both the part name and the flow title in the header text separated by a dash, enter  - {@flowTitle@} after the part name token in the text frame.

  5. Press Esc or Ctrl/Cmd-Return to close the text editor.


The running header text is changed for all layouts that use the selected page template.


Figure 1. Tokens added to a text frame
Figure 2. Tokens populated in a part layout