Tonality systems

The term “tonality system” is used in Dorico Pro to encompass three crucial elements that together make up the concept of tonality.

The three elements that make up tonality systems are:

  • A number of equal divisions of the octave, or EDO. For example, standard Western scales with half-step (semitone) steps have 12-EDO.

  • A set of accidentals. This allows you to notate how much a note is raised or lowered. This can be a traditional or a custom set of accidentals, either selected from the wide variety available or of your own design.

  • A key signature. This can be a traditional Western key signature, or a custom key signature of your own design.

Dorico Pro provides the following tonality systems in each project by default:

  • Equal temperament (12-EDO): Contains twelve half-step (semitone) steps

  • Equal temperament (24-EDO): Contains 24 quarter tone steps

You can find existing tonality systems in your project in the Tonality System section of the Key Signatures, Tonality Systems, and Accidentals panel.