Changing the appearance of open string indicators

You can change the appearance of all string indicators for open strings project-wide. By default, string indicators inside the staff for open strings appear as a bold number zero without a circle enclosure, similar to left-hand fingerings.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-E to open Engraving Options.
  2. In the category list, click String Indicators.
  3. In the Design section, choose one of the following options for Open string appearance:
    • Zero fingering

    • String number as indicator

    • Zero as indicator

  4. Click Apply, then Close.


The appearance of all open string indicators inside the staff is changed project-wide. When open string indicators appear as Zero fingering, they use the fingering font style set for the project. This does not affect the appearance of string indicators outside the staff.


If you want to edit the appearance of all string indicators, you can do so in the Edit Playing Techniques dialog.