Positions of string indicators

String indicators outside the staff are placed above it by default. In multiple-voice contexts, string indicators for the up-stem voices are placed above the staff and string indicators for the down-stem voices are placed below the staff.

String indicators inside the staff automatically erase their backgrounds so they do not collide with staff lines. They appear to the left of noteheads by default but automatically appear to the right if left-hand fingerings are present. You can change the notehead-relative position of string indicators individually.

You can move string indicators outside the staff to different rhythmic positions in Write mode. They are positioned by default according to your settings in Engraving Options. You can also change the staff-relative placement of string indicators outside the staff individually, in the same ways as for playing techniques.

You can move string indicators graphically in Engrave mode, but this does not change the rhythmic positions to which they are attached.

You can change the default positions of all string indicators project-wide on the String Indicators page in Engraving Options.