Fingering font styles

There are different font styles for different types of fingerings. You can change different aspects of these fonts in the Edit Font Styles dialog, such as changing their font size to make fingerings appear larger.

Musical phrase with different types of fingerings labelled

The following font styles are used for fingering:

  1. Fingering Font: Used for bold fingerings, including bold italic fingerings. Must be SMuFL-compliant.

  2. Fingering Text Font: Used for plain fingerings.

  3. Fingering Text Italic Font: Used for italic fingerings.

  4. Fingering Horn Branch Text Font: Used for note names in horn branch indicators.

  5. Fingering Horn Branch Accidental Font: Used for accidentals in horn branch indicators. Must be SMuFL-compliant.

  6. Fingering Horn Branch Alto Text Font: Used for the alto abbreviation in triple horn branch indicators.


Changes made to font styles apply to the entire project, including part layouts.