Adding ossia staves

You can add ossia staves for single and section players, both above and below existing staves. For grand staff instruments, you can add ossias with up to two staves.

  • You cannot add ossia staves to percussion kit instruments.

  • Although instruments can show ossias both above and below staves, only one ossia can exist on each side of the staff at a time.

  • Ossia staves prevent instruments from condensing in the systems where ossia staves exist.


  1. In Write mode, select items on the staff that span the duration above/below which you want to add an ossia staff.

    If you want to add a two-staff ossia, you must select items on both instrumental staves.

  2. Add an ossia staff in any of the following ways:
    • Choose Edit > Notations > Staff > Create Ossia Above.

    • Choose Edit > Notations > Staff > Create Ossia Below.


    You can also choose these options from the context menu.


An ossia is added above/below the selected staff that lasts for the selected range. One signpost appears at the start of the ossia passage, and another appears where the ossia staff ends.


You can select these signposts and move them to change the start/end positions of ossia staves.