Per-layout options for staves

You can change settings that affect the staves in each layout independently.

You can change the size of staves in each layout in the Space Size section of the Page Setup page in Layout Options.

You can change other aspects of staves on the Staves and Systems page in Layout Options. For example, you can change which staff labels are shown on systems, indent the first system of each flow, and fix the number of bars included in each system. You can also select above which staves system objects appear, according to their instrument families.

  • If the size of system object font styles is set to Staff-relative, the staff size of the top staff in each instrument family group affects the size of system objects if they are shown above that bracketed group. Font styles that are set to Absolute are unaffected by staff size.

  • System objects are only shown above bracketed groups in your project. If you have no brackets, system objects only appear at the top of systems.