Creating new chord diagram shapes

You can create new chord diagram shapes by editing an existing one; for example, if you want an alternative voicing for a chord or to show a barré. Your changes to existing chord diagram shapes are saved as a new shape, they do not overwrite the existing one.


If you want to define multiple new chord shapes at once or start a new shape from scratch, you can do so in the Edit Chord Diagrams dialog.


  1. In Engrave mode, double-click the chord diagram whose shape you want to edit to open the Edit Chord Diagram dialog.

    You can also open the Edit Chord Diagram dialog from inside the Choose Chord Diagram dialog.

  2. Edit the shape and settings of the chord diagram as required.

    For example, you can change open strings to omitted strings, change the stopped fret position on strings to change the corresponding string pitch, or change the fingering of individual stopped fret positions.

  3. Optional: If you want the shape to be available for chords with different start fret positions, activate Chord may be moved along the neck.
  4. Click Save, then Close.


The new shape is saved and is used for the selected chord diagram. The new shape also becomes available for any other chord for which it is valid.