Turning existing notes into tuplets

You can turn any existing notes into tuplets; for example, if you need to fit extra notes into an existing duration.


  1. In Write mode, select the notes on a single staff that you want to turn into tuplets.
  2. Open the tuplets popover in any of the following ways:
    • Press ;.

    • In the Notes toolbox, click and hold Tuplets Tuplets button, then click x:y x:y tuplet button in the Notes toolbox.

    The popover is automatically populated with a suggested ratio based on your selection.

  3. Optional: Change the ratio in the popover. For example, enter 3:2 to input triplets.
  4. Press Return to close the popover.


The selected notes are turned into tuplets according to the ratio in the popover. For example, if you select five eighth notes and enter 5:4 into the popover, the selected notes become quintuplet eighth notes.

If the selected notes fit into a single tuplet of the specified ratio, only a single tuplet is created. If the selected notes do not fit into a single tuplet, as many tuplets as required are created automatically.


You can also turn existing notes into tuplets by clicking and holding Tuplets in the Notes toolbox, then clicking the tuplet you want.