Tuplet brackets

Tuplet brackets show the duration of tuplets that are not joined by beams, such as triplet quarter notes, by showing the notes within the tuplet under a bracket.


Figure 1. A 4/4 bar with the standard subdivision of four quarter notes
Figure 2. A 4/4 bar with a subdivision of six triplet quarter notes in the space of four regular quarter notes

You can change the precise positions and shapes of tuplet brackets individually in Engrave mode.

Each tuplet bracket has four handles that can be moved graphically.

  • The two upper handles set the position of the start/end of the tuplet bracket. These handles can be moved independently of each other to create angled tuplet brackets, even if you have set tuplet brackets to be Always horizontal on the Tuplets page in Engraving Options.

  • The two lower handles set the length of the tuplet bracket hooks. Moving either of these handles changes the length of both hooks.

You can change the default position of all tuplet brackets project-wide in the Horizontal Position section of the Tuplets page in Engraving Options.


You can use properties in the Tuplets group of the Properties panel to edit individual tuplet brackets; however, the Tuplets group is only shown if you select tuplet numbers/ratios or brackets. It is not shown if you select notes within the tuplet, or notes within the tuplet and the tuplet number/ratio or bracket.