Repeat counts

Repeat counts at end repeat barlines tell performers how many times to play through sections of music. This is particularly helpful for sections played through three or more times, as end repeat barlines typically indicate that the preceding music is played through twice.

Dorico Pro automatically shows repeat counts at system object positions for end repeat barlines set to have three or more playthroughs when repeats are included in playback.

Figure 1. Repeat count at the end of a section, indicating it should be played four times

By default, repeat counts are right-aligned with their end repeat barline. You can change the location of repeat counts; for example, if you want to show them at both the start and end of repeated sections. Repeat counts shown at the start of repeated sections are left-aligned with start repeat barlines.

You can also change the language used for repeat markers.

  • You can change the appearance, content, and position of repeat counts in Engraving Options > Repeat Markers > Repeat Count. For example, if you want to use custom text or show repeat counts at the start of repeated sections.

  • Repeat counts use the Repeat Counts paragraph style, which you can edit in the Paragraph Styles dialog.