Bar repeat grouping

Bar repeat grouping allows you to consolidate longer bar repeat regions, which can be helpful in very regular music as it can simplify the overall phrasing.

The symbols shown on the staff are different for the different groupings, and two-bar and four-bar repeats also show a number to indicate how many bars are included in the group.

Figure 1. One-bar repeat symbol
Figure 2. Two-bar repeat symbol
Figure 3. Three-bar repeat symbol
Figure 4. Four-bar repeat symbol

You can specify the grouping when inputting bar repeats, and you can change the grouping of bar repeats after they have been input. Depending on where the bar repeat region starts and ends relative to the written material, Dorico Pro automatically adjusts the displayed symbols to achieve an accurate result. For example, an eight-bar phrase containing a single notated bar followed by seven one-bar repeats grouped every four bars is automatically shown with a one-bar repeat, two-bar repeat, then four-bar repeat to fill the seven bars.

Figure 5. Eight-bar phrase with seven one-bar repeats grouped every four bars
  • When showing multi-bar rests, you can also choose to consolidate one-bar repeat regions.

  • You can also choose to show a three-bar repeat to complete a four-bar phrase on the Bar Repeats page in Engraving Options; however, this is less commonly used than a combination of one-bar and two-bar repeats.