Repeats popover

The following tables contain the entries for the repeats popover that you can use to input the different tremolos, repeat markers, repeat endings, and bar repeat, slash, and numbered bar regions available.

You can open the repeats popover in Write mode in any of the following ways when either an item is selected or the caret is active:

  • Press Shift-R.

  • In the Notations toolbox, click Popovers Popovers button, then Repeats Repeats button.

  • Select an existing repeat marker, slash region, or bar repeat and press Return.

  • Choose Write > Create Repeat.

The icon on the left-hand side of the popover matches the corresponding button in the Notations toolbox on the right of the window.

Figure 1. Repeats popover with an example entry
Figure 2. Repeat Structures button in the Notations toolbox

Repeat endings

Part of repeat ending

Popover entry

Whole repeat ending

end or ending

Additional repeat ending segment


Repeat markers

Type of repeat marker

Popover entry


dc, D.C., da capo, and so on

D.C. al Fine

dcalf, DC al Fine, D.C. al Fine, and so on

D.C. al Coda

dcalc, DC al Coda, D.C. al Coda, and so on


ds, D.S., dal segno, and so on

D.S. al Fine

dsalf, DS al Fine, D.S. al Fine, and so on

D.S. al Coda

dsalc, DS al Coda, D.S. al Coda, and so on

to Coda

toc, tc, to coda, To Coda, and so on


s, seg, segno, and so on


f, fin, fine, and so on


c, co, coda, and so on

The list of entries for repeat markers is not comprehensive, as the flexibility of the popover means you can enter any reasonable version or abbreviation of the type of repeat marker you want, and the popover recognizes it in most cases.

Single-note tremolos

Type of tremolo

Popover entry

One stroke

/, \, or 1

Two strokes

//, \\, or 2

Three strokes

///, \\\, or 3

Four strokes

////, \\\\, or 4

Z on stem (buzz roll)

z or zonstem

Tremolo with release; for example, two-strokes with release

rel; for example, //rel or 2rel

Tremolo with attack; for example, two-strokes with attack

att; for example, //att or 2att

Remove all tremolos

0 or clear

Multi-note tremolos

Type of tremolo

Popover entry

One stroke

/2, \2, or 12

Two strokes

//2, \\2, or 22

Three strokes

///2, \\\2, or 32

Four strokes

////2, \\\\2, or 42

Remove all tremolos

0 or clear

Slash regions

Slash region

Popover entry

New slash region


Numbered bar regions

Numbered bar region

Popover entry

New numbered bar region

nb, num, numbars, or number bars

Bar repeats

Type of bar repeat

Popover entry

Repeat last bar

% or %1

Repeat last 2 bars


Repeat last 4 bars


Repeat last bar, group in 2


Repeat last bar, group in 4


Repeat last 2 bars, group in 4