Inputting tremolos with the popover

You can input both single-note and multi-note tremolos using the repeats popover, both during note input and by adding them to existing notes.


  1. In Write mode, do one of the following:
    • Start note input.


      During note input, you can select additional notes before/after the last input note without deactivating the caret by pressing Shift-Right Arrow/Shift-Left Arrow.

    • Select the notes to which you want to add tremolos.


      If you want to input multi-note tremolos, you must select at least two notes that are in the same voice, have the same duration, and are notated using a single notehead. The notes can also be tuplets and cross-staff notes.

  2. Open the repeats popover in any of the following ways:
    • Press Shift-R.

    • In the Notations toolbox, click Popovers Popovers button, then Repeats Repeats button.

  3. Enter the appropriate entry for the type of tremolo you want into the popover.

    For example, to input a three-stroke multi-note tremolo, enter ///2.

  4. Press Return to close the popover.
  5. Optional: Repeat steps 2 to 3 to input other tremolos on the selected notes.

    For example, if you want notes to have both single-stem and multi-stem tremolos.


Single-note tremolos are input on the selected notes with the number of tremolo strokes specified.

Multi-note tremolos with the number of tremolo strokes specified are input between selected individual notes and the notes immediately after them, or between selected pairs of notes. The notated duration of notes in multi-note tremolos is automatically updated. For example, two quarter notes joined by a multi-note tremolo both appear as half notes.

When tuplets are selected, multi-note tremolos are input across the selected tuplets, with the tremolo strokes positioned in the center of all notes in the tuplet. The tuplet bracket is hidden, and a signpost is shown at the start of each tuplet indicating its ratio.


The appearance of stems in multi-note half note tremolos depends on your setting on the Tremolos page in Engraving Options.


Figure 1. Multi-note tremolos with three tremolo strokes across tuplets

After Completing This Task

You can enable independent voice playback for individual instruments, for example, if you have tremolos in one voice and slurs in another voice.