Tremolos in playback

You can control the playback of unmeasured tremolos by specifying the minimum number of tremolo strokes that are interpreted as unmeasured tremolos. This considers both the number of tremolo strokes and the number of beam lines that would be used for the note.

  • You can do this on the Timing page in Playback Options.

For example, if the option is set to require three tremolo strokes, an eighth note with two tremolo strokes is played as unmeasured, because the single beam of the eighth note is included in the calculation.

You can also specify the default length of notes in unmeasured tremolos. You express the duration of notes as a fraction of the length of a quarter note played at 120 quarters per minute in the Tremolos section.

The number of tremolo strokes determines the note value of the repeated notes. For example, one stroke indicates an eighth note, two strokes indicate a 16th note, and so on.

If your sound library includes samples for unmeasured tremolo playback, Dorico Pro loads the required samples using playback techniques. For sound libraries that do not provide unmeasured tremolo samples, Dorico Pro generates tremolos.


You can enable independent voice playback for individual instruments to hear different sounds in different voices simultaneously; for example, if you have tremolos in one voice and slurs in another voice.