Value Editing

At various places in the program, numerical values can be edited by using a combination of text fields and knobs.

Values are sometimes composed of several elements, for example, 12  mn 30 sec 120 ms. Each value can be edited by using any of the following methods:

  • To change a value, click in a value field and type a new value, or click the small arrows in the value field.

  • To change the value by one unit at a time, press Up Arrow or Down Arrow.

  • To change the value using the mouse wheel, position the mouse cursor over a value, and use the mouse wheel, or use the AI knob of your MIDI controller.

  • To change the value with the mouse, click a value and drag the mouse up or down.

  • To jump to the maximum and minimum values, press the Home or End key, respectively.

  • To move from one element of the value to another, press Left Arrow or Right Arrow.