Undoing and Redoing

You can undo and redo as many operations as you like, even after saving the file. The only limitation is the available hard disk space.

By default, when undoing or redoing any operation in the Audio Editor or the Audio Montage window, the zoom factor, cursor position, scroll position, clip selection status, and time range are restored to the state before the operation.

  • To exclude the scroll and zoom settings when undoing/redoing, select File > Preferences > Global, select the Display tab, and deactivate Undo/Redo Does Not Scroll/Zoom Audio.

    This is useful if you make an operation, zoom in on the changed area, and then undo the operation to see the change, for example. When you do this, you do not want snapshots to be restored and change your scroll and zoom settings.

  • To undo or redo an operation, click Undo or Redo in the title bar of the Audio Editor or Audio Montage window.