File Groups

File groups are part of WaveLab Pro projects. Each project can contain multiple file groups.

A file group can contain different file types. For example, audio files, audio montages, and batch processor files. This allows you to organize all files in one file group. You can also organize each file type in a different file group to have a better overview. In this case, the file group icon changes to the icon of the corresponding file type.

Each file group can contain multiple, customizable tab groups. For each tab group, you can define a type precedence to instruct WaveLab Pro in which tab group a file of a given type should be opened by default.

You can export file groups as text files. File groups can also be imported in a project via a text file that contains file paths. These file groups open as a new file group tab.

The file group options are available via the context menu of the file group tabs.

The tab color of a file group indicates whether a file group contains modified files that have not been saved yet.