Temporary Files

WaveLab Pro creates temporary files to store intermediary results of the audio file processing and for the undo/redo functions. You can specify where WaveLab Pro saves its temporary files and the processing precision of temporary files.

You can specify up to three different folders for saving temporary files. If you have access to more than one drive, saving your temporary files on a separate hard disk drive (not partitions) can speed up performance considerably.

For example, if your source files are located on the C: drive, you could specify D:\temp and E:\temp as temporary folders. This improves the performance and reduces disc fragmentation on hard disk drives.

By default, WaveLab Pro creates temporary files in 32-bit float. Use the 64 bit float option if you want to create 64-bit float audio files or 32-bit PCM files.


Temporary files in 64-bit float have double precision but take longer to read and write than 32-bit float and their file size is twice as big.

You can change the processing precision of temporary files with the Temporary Files option. You can set this option in the Global Preferences on the Audio tab.