Drag Operations

WaveLab Pro makes much use of drag-and-drop techniques to perform various operations, some of which can only be performed this way. These are referred to as drag operations in this documentation.

  • To drag an object, click and hold with the mouse when positioned on the object and drag it. Drop the object by releasing the button.

Many types of objects can be dragged between different source and destination locations, for example, files, text, clips, items in a list, and markers.


It is also possible to drag and drop files from WaveLab Pro to Steinberg’s Nuendo.

  • To reorder a tab within its own tabbed group, drag horizontally. To move a tab to another window, drag vertically.

  • To open a file, drag it from the File Browser window of WaveLab Pro, from the File Explorer/macOS Finder, or from another application to the tab bar.

  • To create a copy of a file, drag its tab vertically to another position of the tab bar, then press Ctrl/Cmd, and release the mouse button.

  • You can dock and undock tool windows and meter windows via dragging.