Creating new playing technique-specific noteheads

You can define new playing technique-specific noteheads for unpitched percussion instruments, which are saved for that type of percussion instrument in your project. You can also export playing technique-specific noteheads from your project and import them into other projects.


If you want to use a custom notehead set, you have created that notehead set.


  1. In Setup mode, open the Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog in one of the following ways:
    • For an individual percussion instrument: In the Players panel, click the instrument menu Instrument menu button in instrument labels in the instrument label, and choose Edit Percussion Playing Techniques from the menu.

    • For percussion instruments that are part of percussion kits: In the Players panel, click the instrument menu in the kit instrument label and choose Edit Percussion Kit to open the Edit Percussion Kit dialog. In the main editing area, select the instrument whose playing techniques you want to edit, then click Edit Percussion Playing Techniques.

  2. In the playing technique-specific noteheads list, click Add Playing Technique .
  3. Select the playback technique you want to use in the dialog that opens.
  4. Click OK to add the selected playback technique as a new playing technique-specific notehead.
  5. From the Notehead set menu, select the notehead you want for the playing technique-specific notehead.

    To use the default notehead set as defined on the Notes page in Engraving Options, leave Notehead set as (Unset).

  6. Choose one of the following options for Staff position:
    • Below

    • Line

    • Above


A new playing technique-specific notehead is added to the selected unpitched percussion instrument.