Trill interval appearance

There are different accepted ways to present trill intervals on notation staves, including accidental symbols and the Hollywood convention of showing “H.T.” for a half-step (semitone) and “W.T.” for a whole step (tone).

In Dorico Pro, trill intervals can appear in the following ways on notation staves:


Indicates the trill interval using accidentals positioned above, below, or beside the tr mark. This is the default trill interval appearance in Dorico Pro for major or minor second trills.


Indicates the trill interval using text.

  • H.T. for half-step/minor second trills

  • W.T. for whole step/major second trills

Auxiliary note

Indicates the trill interval using a small, parenthesized, stemless notehead shown in the staff immediately to the right of the first note to which the trill applies, and at the correct staff position for the trilled-to pitch. Auxiliary notes are used for all trill intervals that are not a major or minor second, but are automatically hidden for unison trills if the notehead design of the auxiliary note has not been overridden.

  • On tablature, the trilled-to pitch always appears as a parenthesized fret number.

  • You can find options for the default appearance, position, and restatement of trill intervals on the Ornaments page in Engraving Options.