Pitch-dependent notehead set designs

Pitch-dependent notehead sets use different notehead designs or different notehead colors depending on the pitch of notes. There are a number of different pitch-dependent notehead sets available in Dorico Pro.

  • You can find the available notehead designs by selecting at least one note and choosing Edit > Notations > Notehead > [Notehead type or design] > [Notehead design]. You can also choose these options from the context menu.


You can choose to use a pitch-dependent notehead design for all noteheads project-wide on the Notes page in Engraving Options.

Table 1. Scale degree noteheads

Notehead set design

Notehead set name

Aikin 7-shape Noteheads

Funk 7-shape Noteheads

Walker 4-shape Noteheads

Walker 7-shape Noteheads

Table 2. Pitched noteheads

Notehead set design

Notehead set name

Figurenotes© Noteheads

Pitch Name Noteheads