Hiding/Showing markers

By default, markers are shown in full score layouts and hidden in part layouts. You can hide and show markers in each layout independently; for example, if markers are helpful for the conductor to see but not for the players.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-L to open Layout Options.
  2. In the Layouts list, select the layouts in which you want to hide/show markers.

    By default, the layout currently open in the music area is selected when you open the dialog. You can select other layouts by using the selection options in the action bar, clicking and dragging across multiple layouts, Shift-clicking adjacent layouts, and Ctrl/Cmd-clicking individual layouts.

  3. In the category list, click Markers and Timecode.
  4. Activate/Deactivate Show markers.
  5. Click Apply, then Close.


Markers are hidden/shown in the selected layouts.