Partial harp pedaling

Partial harp pedal diagrams only show the notes whose pedal setting must change at that position, rather than showing the required settings for all pedals. This can make those changes immediately clear to the performer, as they have fewer pedals to read.

Figure 1. Partial pedal diagrams for a sequence containing several quick pedal changes

You can allow partial harp pedaling for individual harp pedal diagrams and you can set a maximum threshold of pedal changes at a single position, above which all harp pedal diagrams must show all pedals. This is because performers are used to the pattern of note names in complete harp pedal diagrams, and if there are many changes in a partial harp pedal diagram, this can be harder to read than a complete one.

By default, Dorico Pro shows notes in partial harp pedal diagrams on two lines with right-foot pedals on top and left-foot pedals below.


Only harp pedal diagrams using note names can be shown as partial.