Voice-specific dynamics

Voice-specific dynamics only apply to a single voice on a staff, which allows you to specify different dynamics for each voice in multiple-voice contexts or for the separate staves of grand staff instruments. By default, dynamics apply to all voices on all staves belonging to a single instrument, including grand staff instruments.

Inputting voice-specific dynamics allows you to show different dynamics for multiple voices on a staff, or to highlight an inner melody voice in a piano part. Similarly, they allow you to give different dynamics to each staff for instruments with extra staves. Voice-specific dynamics change the dynamics of each voice in playback independently.

  • You can only input voice-specific dynamics when the caret is active, such as during note input. Voice-specific dynamics apply to the voice indicated by the quarter note symbol beside the caret.

  • Voice-specific dynamics only affect playback automatically for sounds that use velocity to control dynamics. When using playback devices that control dynamics in other ways, such as with CC, you must enable independent voice playback to hear different dynamics in different voices for the same instrument.