Divisi change labels

Divisi change labels identify the divisions on each divisi staff. They are particularly useful when divisi changes occur partway through systems and the precise division of the section would otherwise be ambiguous.

Figure 1. Divisi change labels (circled) indicating a divisi change comprising two sections followed by a unison restoration

By default, divisi change labels display the same information as divisi staff labels, are positioned above each staff, and are aligned with the position of the divisi change.

Divisi change labels that indicate an end of a divisi passage show a unison indication; for example, “unis.”.

You can hide or show divisi change labels above divisi staves in each layout independently. You can change the default unison indication for both divisi change and player labels, and also edit individual divisi change labels.


Divisi change labels use the Player Labels paragraph style, which you can edit in the Paragraph Styles dialog.