Resetting bracket and barline changes

You can reset custom changes to bracket/brace grouping and barline joins after a passage with custom grouping/joins to revert subsequent systems to the project-wide staff grouping settings.


Graphic Editing Graphic Editing button is selected in the Engrave toolbox.


  1. In Engrave mode, select an item at the rhythmic position where you want to reset staff grouping.
  2. Choose Engrave > Reset Bracketing.


Staff grouping, including both bracket/brace grouping and barline join changes, is reset to the project-wide staff grouping sections from the selected rhythmic position until the next existing bracket and barline change or the end of the flow, whichever comes first. A signpost appears at the rhythmic position of the selected item.

If you selected an item partway through a system, staff grouping is not reset until the start of the next system.


You can also reset changes to bracket/brace grouping and barline joins independently of each other by using the Change bracketing and Change barlines properties in the Bracket and Barline Changes group of the Properties panel. When they are set to Auto, the corresponding part of the selected changes is reset.