Setting Track Transposition Value and Track Volume

The track controls to the right of each track allow you to set a track transposition value and the track volume for each track individually.


  1. To set a track transposition value, click the button to the right of the track and select a transposition interval from the pop-up menu.

    The set value is displayed on the button.


    This function is tied to the setting for the Slice Timestretch parameter. If Slice Timestretch is deactivated, transposition is created by increasing/decreasing the playback speed of the slices (transposing a track up by one octave corresponds to playing the slices twice as fast). With Slice Timestretch on, you get true pitch shifting, that is, there is no change in playback speed.

  2. You can change the relative volumes of your tracks with the volume controls on the far right of each track.

    This is useful for level adjustments between tracks. A VU meter to the left of the volume control provides visual feedback of the current volume.