Storing Your Configuration as Scenes

On the Slice Selection and the Audio Parameters pages, you find a row of 24 pads. For each of these pads, you can save one scene, that is, a combination of up to eight tracks with all parameter settings. By triggering the pads, you can quickly change between different scenes during your performance.

  1. Save scene

  2. Remove scene

  3. Jump interval

  4. Selected scene

  5. Pad with associated scene

  6. Empty scene pad

  • To save the current settings as a scene, click the round button and then a pad. This saves your setup to that pad.

  • To recall a scene, click the corresponding scene pad.

  • To remove a scene from a pad, click the x button and then a pad.

  • To edit a scene pad label, double-click on the scene pad and enter a name.

  • To rearrange the scene pads, click on a scene pad and drag it to a new position.


Once you have set up a LoopMash configuration, save it to a scene pad. Changing scenes without saving means discarding any unsaved changes.