Performance Controls

Click the Performance Controls button to open the Performance Controls page. On this page, you find a row of buttons that are arranged according to the keys on a MIDI keyboard.

  • By clicking these buttons during playback, you can apply effects to your overall performance.

    An effect is applied as long as the button is activated.

Most of the available effects correspond to the effects that you can apply to single slices, with the green buttons corresponding to the stutter and slur effects and the red buttons to the Mute, Reverse, Staccato effects, etc.


Effects triggered with the Performance Controls buttons override the slice effects.

With the blue buttons and the yellow button, you can apply additional effects that cannot be applied to single slices:

Cycle 4, 2, 1

Sets up a short cycle over 4, 2, and 1 slices, respectively. This short cycle is always set up within the loop range that is set in the ruler. Setting up a cycle over 1 slice means that this slice is repeated until you release the button.


Plays back the tracks of the selected slices continuously until you release the button.


You cannot save global effects in scenes. To apply effects and save them in scenes, use slice effects.

Triggering the Performance Controls with Your MIDI Keyboard

You can trigger the performance controls with your MIDI keyboard starting from C3 upwards.