Audio Parameters

Click the Audio Parameters button (above the transport controls) to open the Audio Parameters page. With the options on this page, you can influence the sound of the LoopMash audio output.

Adapt Mode

With this mode, you can adapt the sound of the selected slice to the sound of the master slice. The available options are:

  • Volume – changes the overall volume of the selected slice.

  • Envelope – modifies volume changes within the slice.

  • Spectrum – modifies the spectrum of the slice (equalization).

  • Env + Spectrum – this is a combination of the Envelope and Spectrum modes.

Adapt Amount

Move this slider to the right to increase the adaptation specified with the Adapt Mode parameter.

Slice Quantize

Move this slider to the right to apply quantizing to the slices, that is, the slices are aligned to an eighth-note grid. If the slider is all the way to the left, the slices follow the rhythmic pattern defined by the original master loop.

Slice Timestretch

Allows you to apply realtime timestretching to the slices, filling gaps or avoiding overlaps between slices that are not played back at their original tempo, or when combining slices with different original tempos. Applying timestretch increases the CPU load and may affect the sound quality. Reduce the need for timestretching by using loops with similar original tempos.

Staccato Amount

If you move this slider to the right, the length of the slices is gradually reduced, giving the output a staccato feel.

Dry/Wet Mix

Sets the balance between the volumes of the master loop and the selected slices from the other tracks.