Project templates

Project templates allow you to start new projects that already contain a particular set of players and project library settings. For example, full score layouts in orchestral project templates have larger page sizes than in chamber ensemble project templates.

The project library settings included in project templates include custom items, page templates, font and paragraph styles, and options for bracketing and bracing, large time signatures, page size, and playback. Project templates can also contain project information and flows.

Dorico Pro provides the following default project template categories:


Ensembles containing mostly woodwind and brass instruments, such as brass band or pit band.


Typically small ensembles containing only a few players, such as string quartet.


Ensembles containing voices, including popular choir arrangements, such as SATB unaccompanied.


An empty project template.


Popular ensembles commonly used to perform jazz, such as big band or jazz trio.


Large ensembles containing most Western instruments, including strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.


Ensembles containing only a single player/instrument, such as a solo organ, guitar with tablature, or lead sheet.


You can save custom project templates in any project template category, including new categories.